Acetyl L Carnitine as a nootropic

Acetyl L Carnitine even exhibits many nootropic benefits. It can be very effective in enhancing brain or cognitive functions in an individual. Some of them are increased learning capacity, enhanced memory, improved thought processing and enhanced speed of memory.

Many users reported that they experienced improvement in their focus, concentration, attention span and they started thinking clearly after using this supplement. Many studies have even reported that Acetyl L Carnitine can show improvement in sensory perception especially when it comes to sound and site. It is even effective in making reflexes faster and reaction times are made shorter. Some other uses being increased mental alertness, motivation and high energy levels by ALCAR pills.


500 mg – 1500 mg which should be taken daily is the standard recommended dose of LACAR by many experts. This dose can be followed with or without food. But when taken along with food Acetyl L Carnitine is more effective. This standard dose can be split into multiple doses and taken throughout the day.

If Acetyl L Carnitine is used for bodybuilding purpose then it is better to follow the dose before and after their workouts. This will help in speeding up the recovery and Acetyl L Carnitine will act more effectively.

To gain more benefits from this supplement one should add it in their daily regimen. Dosage may vary from individuals and their medicals conditions. One may need it in high doses and others may need low doses. Acetyl L carnitine enhances release of dopamine and it can create a heightened mental state. So this supplement can be stimulating for some users. Acetyl L Carnitine 500 mg tablet is the most commonly available dose of this supplement. One more is 1000 mg tablets of Acetyl L Carnitine.

But both these doses are not recommended for daily use in the initial stages. One should start taking either 100 mg or 200 mg tablets daily in the begging and observe the effects. Then later they can go for higher doses.

It is always a good choice to buy powdered form of Acetyl L Carnitine supplement. This form is considered to be more economical when compared to other forms like capsules and tablets.

Side effects:

Acetyl L Carnitine is considered as a safe supplement which comes with very less side effects. Generally it is well tolerated by majority of the users. This is because L-Carnitine being a natural compound found in many foods which are eaten on daily basis. so this is the major reason behind its tolerance level.

If insisted dose is followed there will not be any side effects. But there may be few minor ones. When an individual opts for higher dose, then there will be negative effects. Some include stomach discomfort, headaches and intestinal discomfort. As a cognitive enhancer it has least side effects. That is the reason it is gaining popularity as a cognitive enhancement supplement. It comes with lot of uses for athletes and bodybuilders. One who is aiming to lose weight can use Acetyl L Carnitine for their weight reduction.