Serostim HGH – A Brief Encounter

Natural human growth hormone has a combination of important functions to perform for the smooth functioning of the human body on a day to day basis. The main functions of HGH is control and maintain growth. It is imperative for cell regeneration and mitosis. HGH also controls the metabolic activities of proteins, fats and sugars. In short, it is that one hormone that can cause havoc in your body if present in excess or in deficiency.

Shortage of HGH is seen in patients suffering from plethora of maladies including Noonan’s syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi’s Syndrome, AIDS, short bowel syndrome and hormonal deficiencies.

Serostim is a brand of  growth hormone synthesised using recombinant technology. The generic name of Serostim is Somatropin. There are over 24 prescription drugs that contain Somatropin. It is used to substitute human growth hormone deficiencies. Patients suffering for hormonal deficiencies are prescribed Somatropin for their treatment.

Dosage and Administration

Since this medicine is used in patients who do not have HGH in their body, it is best to administer it at bedtime, so that it can work like the natural HGH which is released at night and works best when you sleep. The dosage starts from 0.1mg for every kilogram. The average dose for anyone below 35 kg is prescribed to be based on 0.1 mg per kilogram. Patients between 35 and 45 kg should take 4mg of Serostim daily. A dose of 5 mg is prescribed for anyone between 45 and 55 kg. Anyone beyond 55 kg should take 6 mg of Serostim daily to see any visible effects of the medicine.

It should only be used once in a day. It is important to take your doctor’s instruction regarding dosage very strictly. He will monitor you to observe the benefits and side effects caused by this medicine in specific time frames. The maximum dosage for any person should be 6 mg daily. However in patients who showed adverse side effects, the same dosage is given every other day. This was shown to be beneficial to the patients. The side effects radically decrease when the frequency is changed from daily to every other day. Reductions in doses should only be done by the doctor treating you. You will be able to see the results of Serostim after 12 weeks of usage. It is important to be patient to experience the results and not expect instant gain in muscle mass. All other symptoms will start reducing and finally go away after the use of this drug. However it is not recommended to use Serostim for a time period of over 48 weeks. Visit for more knowhow.

Side effects commonly seen are swelling in the extremities, nausea, numbness, tingling or burning sensation of skin, pain and discomfort of muscles and bones. These can be controlled with either dose reduction or continuous use of Serostim. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an indicator of when the dose is too much for the body. Dose should be reduced when this symptom appears. Other symptoms that necessitate dosage reduction are oedema, pain in joints, muscular pain, increase in triglyceride levels and onset of diabetes.