The Most Popular Kinds of Facials

Facials are excellent ways to destress while smoothing and hydrating your skin. Facials are one of the most popular spa treatments out today, but with so many different kinds it may be hard choosing which one is best for your skin. Here’s a list of the most popular different types of facials and their unique health benefits.

Sugar Scrub or Regular Facial

Sugar scrub or regular facials involves being treated with an exfoliating scrub, then receiving a steam treatment followed by a hydrating mask. This kind of treatment is best for those who do not suffer from acne, premature aging or overly dry skin. Instead, this treatment should be employed by those with normal skin who are just trying to add a glow to their lackluster skin tone.

Fruit Facial

Fruit facials are highly efficient and completely organic ways to treat the most common skin problems. The enzymes and antioxidants found in fruit treat dark spots and fine lines. In addition, vitamin C found in fruit facials helps rejuvenate dull looking skin. And because it is an all-natural treatment, it is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin.


This extremely popular anti-aging facial involves blasting micro particles onto the skin via vacuum. This treatment serves to exfoliate the skin, leaving nothing but softer, more youthful looking skin in its place. While, this treatment is perfect for those with extremely dry skin, it can be too abrasive for those with sensitive skin.

Now that you have a list of the most popular facials you can get at the spa or the salon you’ll be able to choose which one is most beneficial for your unique skin type. Now you can book an appointment at a salon or spa, in your local area and start reaping the benefits facials provide your skin. And be sure to visit Groupon to find deals on facials spas and salons in your local area.